You can select one of the pre-designed menus or we can plan the catering together, according to your wishes.

For meetings and seminars

The sweet and savoury pastries catered at your meetings are guaranteed to be both fresh and delicious, since they are handmade in Sonaatti's own bakery, Konditoria Sole. New trends in catering for meetings are represented by our fresh vegetable and fruit smoothies.

Good tastes served beautifully in connection with meetings and seminars. Examples:

  • Organic Fairtrade coffee and steeped tea
  • Game and root vegetable pie
  • Fruit, juice and water
  • Blackcurrant and basil smoothies and strawberry and pear fruit smoothies

Examples of savoury catering for meetings:
–blue cheese and herb muffins, smoked salmon and vegetable pie, chicken and vegetable flatbread rolls, game pasties and mozzarella-filled croissants.

Examples of sweet catering for meetings:
–apple and vanilla muffins, carrot pie, Finnish butter eye buns, vanilla and raspberry buns, marble cake.

Buffet menus

The servings of an ample and delicious buffet table contain something for everyone. Sonaatti's buffet menus lend themselves to the nature of the event and the available space – even for bigger groups of party-goers.

The best bits of the buffet table:

Asian flavours

Pumpkin Panna Cotta
Coriander marinated whitefish
Sesame salmon
Quinoa and cauliflower salad
Shitake mushrooms, sesame seeds and soy
Glazed pork
Basmati rice

Mud cake, mango and ginger salad, coconut foam

The tastes of the North

Ice vegetable salad and lemon vinaigrette
Spelt and beetroot salad
Honey-roasted swede and nanny goat Cheddar
Vegetables in vinegar
Fresh cured whitefish
Bread from Konditoria Sole and spread

Slow-cooked beef, dill sauce
Roasted root vegetables

Organic Fairtrade coffee and steeped tea
Konditoria Sole's raspberry and bilberrymirror marble cake and biscuits

Cocktail events

Bite-size canapés are suitable for many occasions. They make for both an impressive and versatile table for, say, birthday parties or customer events.

Lay a fine table with Konditoria Sole's cocktail canapés, such as:

  • Lightly cured salmon and dill cream cheese on flatbread
  • Whitefish in two ways and potato tartlets
  • Finnish squeaky cheese with sea buckthorn and carrot compote
  • Small smoked reindeer and beetroot pies
  • Blue cheese and apple chutney profiteroles
  • Small yoghurt and berry pastries
  • The master confectioner's Petit Fours

Dinner menus

Solemn and festive occasions call for a menu of several courses, served to tables. A dinner that meets the customer's wishes and honours the theme of the occasion is the crown of the event – be it a wedding or an academic celebration. 

Sonaatti's dinner menus are based on the season's best ingredients and carefully considered flavour combinations, such as:

Skagen prawns, malt bread crumble, vendace roe and parsley oil

Beef tenderloin roasted with black pepper, potato crêpes, Savoy cabbage stewed with apple and bacon

Lingonberry mousse, caramel sauce, and spelt and white chocolate crumbs